LC Headings from February 2022 – April 2022 Lists

The new headings and classification numbers listed here reflect the most recent information available at the time of publication. Items in this list were selected from 2022 list numbers 02 (February 18), 03 (March 18), and 04 (April 15).

Subject Headings

150       Angels--Yezidis CHANGE HEADING

150       Angels--Yezidism    [sp2020011635]

450       UF Angels--Yezidis [Former heading]

150       Bhīma (Hindu mythology) CANCEL HEADING    [sp85013545 ]

682       This authority record has been deleted because the subject heading is covered by the name heading Bhīma (Hindu mythological character) (DLC)n 2022240017

150       Bible stories, Bariai    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021015900]

450       UF Bariai bible stories       

150       Bible stories, Mongolian    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021008264]

053       BS558.M65

450       UF Mongolian Bible stories

150       Boundaries--Religious aspects    [sp2022004505]

150       Boundaries--Religious aspects--Buddhism    [sp2021012178]

150       Catholic orphans    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005374]

550       BT Orphans

150       Chhajjas    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021016139]

450       UF Chhajjats

550       BT Architecture, Mogul Empire

550       BT Eaves (Architecture)

550       BT Hindu architecture

550       BT Islamic architecture

150       COVID-19 (Disease)--Religious aspects--Catholic Church    [sp2022005526]

150       COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020---Religious aspects    [sp2022005977]

150       COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020---Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2022005510]

150       Devil--Yezidism    [sp2021015865]

450       UF Shayṭān (Yezidism)

150       Devotional literature, Dutch    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021012579]

450       UF Dutch devotional literature

550       BT Dutch literature

150       Doctrine of discovery (International law)    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005384]

053       KZ3673.3

450       UF Discovery doctrine (International law)

450       UF Doctrine of Christian discovery (International law)

550       BT Colonies--Law and legislation

550       BT Indigenous peoples--Land tenure

550       BT International law

150       Drive-in worship services    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005554]

053       BV199.D75

450       UF Drive-in church services

550       BT Public worship

150       Ex-Orthodox Jewish women    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005367]

550       BT Jewish women

150       Faith (Christianity)    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005820]

550       BT Dogma

150       Faith (Christianity)--Catholic Church    [sp2022005401]

150       Guadalupe, Our Lady of, in literature    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2021008239]

150       Hevajra (Buddhist deity) CANCEL HEADING    [sp91003477 ]

682       This authority record has been deleted because the subject heading is covered by an identical name heading (DLC)n 2021244731

150       Human-animal relationships--Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2021015850]

150       Human-animal relationships--Religious aspects--Judaism    [sp2021015849]

150       Idols and images    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85064172 ]

450       UF Iconography DELETE FIELD

450       UF Statuettes DELETE FIELD

450       UF Iconography, Religious ADD FIELD

450       UF Religious iconography ADD FIELD

450       UF Religious statuettes ADD FIELD

450       UF Statuettes, Religious ADD FIELD

550       BT Animism DELETE FIELD

550       BT Art, Primitive DELETE FIELD

550       BT Art and religion DELETE FIELD

550       BT Fetishism DELETE FIELD

550       BT Magic DELETE FIELD

550       BT Sculpture, Primitive DELETE FIELD

550       BT Religious art ADD FIELD

150       Incantations, Hungarian    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021008637]

450       UF Hungarian incantations

150       Isagogics    [sp2022005330]

550       BT Criticism

150       Library science--Religious aspects    [sp2022005575]

150       Library science--Religious aspects--Judaism    [sp2022005576]

150       Jewish orphans    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85070312 ]

550       BT Jews--Charities DELETE FIELD

150       Judeo-Tat poetry    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021015868]

550       BT Judeo-Tat literature

150       Mantharā (Legendary character) CANCEL HEADING    [sp 85080642 ]

682       This authority record has been deleted because the subject heading is covered by the name heading Mantharā (Hindu mythological character) (DLC)n 2022240118

150       Masculinity--Religious aspects--Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints    [sp2021016124]

150       Minorities--Religious aspects    [sp2021013994]

150       Minorities--Religious aspects--Shamanism    [sp2021013995]

150       Monks in popular culture    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005399]

550       BT Popular culture

680       Here are entered works on the representation of monks in popular culture.

100       Muḥammad, Prophet, -632--Intercession    [sp2021015866]

400       UF Muḥammad, Prophet, -632--Mediation

400       UF Muḥammad, Prophet, -632--Shafā’a

400       UF Muḥammad, Prophet, -632--Shafaah

150       Narasiṃha (Hindu deity) CANCEL HEADING    [sp 87001332 ]

682       This authority record has been deleted because the subject heading is covered by an identical name heading (DLC)n 2019243995

150       Papyrologists    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005359]

550       BT Scholars

150       Philosophy, European--Confucian influences    [sp2022005617]

550       BT Civilization, Confucian

150       Prohibition--Religious aspects    [sp2021008184]

150       Prohibition--Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2021015870]

150       Rukmiṇī (Hindu mythology) CANCEL HEADING    [sp 85115800 ]

682       This authority record has been deleted because the subject heading is covered by the name heading Rukmiṇī (Hindu mythological character) (DLC)n 2022240119

150       Rukmiṇī (Hindu mythology) in literature CANCEL HEADING    [sp 94008555 ]

682       This authority record has been deleted because the heading is replaced by the heading Rukmiṇī (Hindu mythological character)--In literature, a heading for which a subject authority record is not made because it uses a free-floating subdivision.

150       Samadhi shrines    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021016146]

450       UF Samadhi mandirs

450       UF Samadhis (Shrines)

550       BT Hindu shrines

550       BT Sepulchral monuments

150       Seudati (Dance)    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005340]

053       GV1796.S48

550       BT Dance--Indonesia

110       Shore Temple (Māmallapuram, India)    [sp2021016132]

410       UF Alaivay-K-Kovil (Māmallapuram, India)

550       BT Hindu temples—India

150       Speciesism--Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2021015848]

150       Śūrpaṇakhā (Hindu mythology) CANCEL HEADING    [sp 90003493 ]

682       This authority record has been deleted because the subject heading is covered by the name heading Śūrpaṇakhā (Hindu mythological character) (DLC)n 2022240081

150       Stem cells--Research--Religious aspects--United Church of Christ    [sp2022005609]

150       Technology--Religious aspects--Mormon Church    [sp2022005427]

110       Temple of Hera II (Paestum)    [sp2021006981]       

410       UF Hera II, Temple of (Paestum)

410       UF Neptune, Temple of (Paestum)

410       UF Nettuno, Tempio di (Paestum)

410       UF Poseidon, Temple of (Paestum)

410       UF Poseidone, Tempio di (Paestum)

410       UF Tempio di Nettuno (Paestum)

410       UF Tempio di Poseidone (Paestum)

410       UF Temple of Neptune (Paestum)

410       UF Temple of Poseidon (Paestum)

551       BT Italy--Antiquities

550       BT Temples--Italy

110       Temple of Khonsu (Karnak, Egypt)    [sp2022005358]

410       UF Khonsu, Temple of (Karnak, Egypt)

551       BT Egypt--Antiquities       

550       BT Temples--Egypt

150       Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005366]

550       BT Jewish women

Classification Numbers


Religions. Mythology. Rationalism


History and principles of religion

European. Occidental

Classical religion and mythology

Special deities and characters of classical mythology, A-Z

BL820.A645                                         Anna Perenna

History and principles of religions

Asian. Oriental

By religion


Sacred books. Sources

Vedic texts


Individual Upaniṣads. By title, A-Z

BL1124.7.N33-.N339                                     Nādabindūpaniṣad TABLE BL3


Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy, etc.


Sacred books

Qurʼan. Koran

Works about the Qurʼan

Special topics, A-Z

BP134.H65                                           Homosexuality



Doctrinal and systematic Buddhism

Speci al topics (nondoctrinal) and relations to special subjects, A-Z

BQ4570.B68                        Boundaries



Christianity in relation to special subjects, A-Z

BR115.T76                     Transvestism. Transsexualism CANCEL

BR115.T76                     Transgender people. Transvestism. Transsexualism

[BR115.T762]                Transsexualism see BR115.T76

[BR115.T7622]              Transvestism see BR115.T76


By period

Early and medieval

Period of the ecumenical councils, 325-787

Provincial and national councils and synods


BR246.35                                               Council of Philippopolis (Plovdiv), 343

Modern period

Reformation and Counter-Reformation, 1517-1648



Luther, Martin, 1483-1546

Luther’s theology

Special topics, A-Z

BR333.5.H84                                              Human body


Individual biography

Early Christian biography to ca. 600, A-Z

BR1720.E55                         Ennodius, Magnus Felix, Saint, 474-521


The Bible


Texts and versions

Modern texts and versions

Non-European languages

Languages of Oceania and Australasia (Austronesian, Papuan, and Australian), A-Z

BS335.G58                                             Gizrra TABLE BS5

Old Testament

Works about the Old Testament

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

BS1199.J35                          Jealousy

New Testament

Texts and versions

Modern texts and versions of the New Testament


English versions

Other versions and revisions, A-Z

BS2095.N3527-.N35272                    New Catholic TABLE BS2

Works about the New Testament

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

BS2545.M48                  Metaphor


Practical theology

Practical religion. The Christian life

Christian life in relation to special topics

Other special topics, A-Z

BV4599.5.S74                           Stem cell research


Christian denominations

Catholic Church

Monasticism. Religious orders

Individual orders of women

BX4330.9                                   Congregatie van de Zusters Maricolen TABLE BX18

BX4549.5                                   Xavières missionnaires du Christ-Jésus TABLE BX18

Other Protestant denominations

Lutheran churches


By region or country

America. United States

United States

Individual branches, synods, etc., of Lutherans

Mergers. Federations

Other synods, A-Z

BX8061.J44                                                       Evangelisch-lutherische Jehovah-Konferenz


History of Austria

Local history and description



Individual elements, A-Z

DB851.57.M87                               Muslims


History of Asia

Israel (Palestine). The Jews


Description. Antiquities and exploration

Other special places and objects, A-Z

DS109.8.T98                                    Tyropoeon Valley


Islamic law. Sharīʻah. Fiqh. شريعة. فقه

Schools of thought. Islamic legal schools. Madhāhib. مذاهب

Schools and authors affiliated with a particular school

Sunnī schools

Ḥanafī. Ḥanafīyah. طبقات، الحنفي، الحنفية

Individual authors, A-Z

KBP300.I222                                        Ibn ʻAbd al-ʻĀl, Muḥammad, -1564. ‏ابن عبد العال، محمد


KBP300.I23715                                   Ibn al-Shalabī, Aḥmad ibn Yūnus, -1540 or 1541. ابن الشلبي،

احمد بن يونس TABLE K4

Mālikī. Mālikīyah. المالكي، المالكية

Individual authors, A-Z

KBP320.W24                                   Waddānī, Muḥammad al-Amīn ibn Muḥammad al-Mukhtār

al-Ḥājjī, -1849. وداني، محمد الأمين بن محمد المختار الحجي




Vocal music

Sacred vocal music

Liturgy and ritual

Modern schisms from the Roman Catholic Church

M2155.57                                        Orthodox Catholic Church of America


Literature on music

History and criticism

Vocal music

Sacred vocal music

By religion or denomination



By region or country

Other regions or countries, A-Z

ML3151.A87-.A879                                             Australia TABLE M8


Philology. Linguistics

Communication. Mass media

Special aspects

Other, A-Z

P96.H584-.H5842                     Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) TABLE P1


Roman literature

Individual authors

Ennius (grammarian) to Eut...

[PA6383.E22]                      Ennodius, Magnus Felix, 473/4-521 A.D. CANCEL

Ennodius, Magnus Felix, Saint, 474-521

[PA6383.E36]                      Cf. BR65.E45-.E456 Early Christian literature

Ennodius, Magnus Felix, Saint, 474-521

[PA6383.E36]                      Cf. BR1720.E55 Biography

PA6383.E36                   Ennodius, Magnus Felix, Saint, 474-521 TABLE P-PZ38

Cf. BR60-65; BR1720 CANCEL


Slavic. Baltic. Albanian

Russian literature

Literary history and criticism

History, by period

20th century

Special topics and subjects, A-Z

PG3020.5.C54                                                 Christianity

Collections of Russian literature


By form

Other forms, A-Z

PG3234.R45                                          Religious poetry

Special topics, A-Z

PG3235.R35                                          Religious poetry CANCEL

(PG3235.R35)                                       Religious poetry

see PG3234.R45


Oriental philology and literature



Literary history and criticism


Special aspects and topics

Treatment of special subjects, A-Z

PJ5012 .P46                                                Photography


English literature

History of English literature

By period


17th century

Special topics, A-Z

PR438.M37                                           Marriage. Marriage customs and rites

[PR438.M372]                                      Marriage customs and rites

see PR438.M37


American literature

History of American literature

Special classes of authors

Other classes of authors, A-Z

PS153.M87                                Muslims