LC Headings and Classification from August 2022 – September 2022 Lists

The new headings and classification numbers listed here reflect the most recent information available at the time of publication. Items in this list were selected from 2022 list numbers 08 (August 12) and 09 (September 16).

Subject Headings

150    African American theological seminaries    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85001917 ]

072    H 1152.5 ADD FIELD

680    Here are entered works on all theological seminaries that predominantly serve African American students. Works on theological seminaries that were established to serve African American students before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are entered under Historically Black theological seminaries. ADD FIELD

150    African American universities and colleges    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85001919 ]

072    H 1152.5 ADD FIELD

450    UF HBCUs (Historically black colleges and universities) DELETE FIELD

450    UF Historically black colleges and universities DELETE FIELD

450    UF PBIs (Predominantly Black institutions) ADD FIELD

450    UF Predominantly Black institutions ADD FIELD

680    Here are entered works on all institutions of higher education that predominantly serve African American students. Works on those institutions that were established to serve African American students before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are entered under Historically Black colleges and universities. ADD FIELD

150    Analytic theology    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006792]

550    BT Analysis (Philosophy)

550    BT Theology

150    Anti-racism--Religious aspects    [sp2022006051]

150    Anti-racism--Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2022006052]

150    Authorship--Religious aspects--Judaism    [sp2022006434]

150    Bali (Hindu mythology) CANCEL HEADING    [sp 85011172 ]

682    This authority record has been deleted because the subject heading is covered by the name heading Bali (Hindu mythological character) (DLC)n 2022242061

150    Basic income--Religious aspects    [sp2022006543]

150    Basic income--Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2022006522]

150    Buddhist hymns, Khmer    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005812]

450    UF Khmer Buddhist hymns

150    Climatic changes--Religious aspects--Judaism    [sp2022006872]

053    BM538.C58

150    Demoniac possession--Catholic Church    [sp2022006705]

150    Devas (Buddhist mythology)    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022006471]

450    UF Devaputras (Buddhist mythology)

450    UF Devaputtas (Buddhist mythology)

450    UF Devatā (Buddhist mythology)

450    UF Devatās (Buddhist mythology)

550    BT Buddhist mythology

150    Devas (Buddhist mythology) in art    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022006472]

150    Devil--Catholic Church    [sp2022006707]

150    Doctor of ministry degree    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85038714 ]

450    UF D. Min. degree ADD FIELD

450    UF DMin degree ADD FIELD

150    Drinking of alcoholic beverages--Religious aspects--Protestant churches [sp2022006556]

150    Happiness in the Qurʼan    [sp2022006608]

053    BP134.H36

150    Ḥemed (The Hebrew word)    [sp2022006402]

450    UF Hmd (The Hebrew word)

550    BT Hebrew language--Etymology

150    Hispanic American Christians    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006532]

072    H 1100

450    UF Christians, Hispanic American

550    BT Christians--United States

150    Historically Black colleges and universities    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006092]

072    H 1152.5

450    UF HBCUs (Historically Black colleges and universities)

550    BT African American universities and colleges

680    Here are entered works on institutions of higher education that were established to serve African American students before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Works on all institutions that predominantly serve African American students are entered under African American universities and colleges.

150    Historically Black theological seminaries    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006095]

072    H 1152.5

550    BT African American theological seminaries

680    Here are entered works on theological seminaries that were established to serve African American students before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Works on all theological seminaries that predominantly serve African American students are entered under African American theological seminaries.

150    Islamic poetry, Uzbek    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006765]

450    UF Uzbek Islamic poetry

550    BT Uzbek poetry

150    Khro-phu (Sect)    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005566]

053    BQ7682.96-BQ7682.96952

450    UF Trophu (Sect)

450    UF Tropu (Sect)

550    BT Bkaʼ-brgyud-pa (Sect)

150    Manic-depressive illness--Religious aspects CHANGE HEADING

150    Bipolar disorder--Religious aspects    [sp2019100200]

150    Manic-depressive illness--Religious aspects--Christianity CHANGE HEADING

150    Bipolar disorder--Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2019100201]

150    Manic-depressive illness--Religious aspects--Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints CHANGE HEADING

150    Bipolar disorder--Religious aspects--Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints    [sp2019100202]

150    Manic-depressive illness--Religious aspects--Judaism CHANGE HEADING

150    Bipolar disorder--Religious aspects--Judaism    [sp2019100203]

150    Manic-depressive illness--Religious aspects--Mennonites CHANGE HEADING

150    Bipolar disorder--Religious aspects--Mennonites    [sp2019100204]

150    Manic-depressive illness--Religious aspects--Mormon Church CHANGE HEADING

150    Bipolar disorder--Religious aspects--Mormon Church    [sp2019100205]

150    Mass media--Religious aspects--Mormon Church    [sp2022006591]

150    Multiethnic churches    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006718]

450    UF Churches, Intercultural

450    UF Churches, Multicultural

450    UF Churches, Multiethnic

450    UF Churches, Multiracial

450    UF Congregations, Intercultural

450    UF Congregations, Multicultural

450    UF Congregations, Multiethnic

450    UF Congregations, Multiracial

450    UF Intercultural churches

450    UF Intercultural congregations

450    UF Multicultural churches

450    UF Multicultural congregations

450    UF Multiethnic congregations

450    UF Multiracial churches

450    UF Multiracial congregations

550    BT Church management

550    BT Church work

680    Here are entered works on congregations where no one ethnicity comprises a majority of the membership.

150    Muslims in the professions    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006755]

550    BT Professions

150    Orthodox Eastern saints    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006514]

072    H 1100

450    UF Orthodox saints

550    BT Christian saints

150    Paradise in the Qurʼan    [sp2022006609]

450    UF Heaven in the Qurʼan

150    Pastoral medicine--Lutheran Church    [sp2022006112]

150    Phag-gru (Sect)    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022005568]

053    BQ7684.96-BQ7684.96952

450    UF Pagdru (Sect)

450    UF Pakdru (Sect)

550    BT Bkaʼ-brgyud-pa (Sect)

150    Prohibition--Religious aspects--Protestant churches    [sp2022006557]

150    Strategic planning--Religious aspects    [sp2022006785]

150    Strategic planning--Religious aspects--Islam    [sp2022006786]

150    Subhadrā (Hindu mythology) CANCEL HEADING    [sp 85129422 ]

682    This authority record has been deleted because the subject heading is covered by the name heading Subhadrā (Hindu mythological character) (DLC)n 2022242119

150    Taqlīd    [sp 85132440 ]

450    UF Bidʻah DELETE FIELD

150    Theology--Study and teaching--Lutheran Church    [sp2022006673]

150    Tlēnai (The Greek word)    [sp2022006758]

550    BT Greek language--Etymology

150    Uli figures    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006492]

450    UF Ulis (Uli figures)

550    BT Ceremonial objects--Papua New Guinea

550    BT Wood-carving, Papuan

150    Violence in the Hadith    [sp2022006531]

550    BT Hadith

150    ʼWh (The Hebrew root)    [sp2022006403]

550    BT Hebrew language--Roots

Classification Numbers



Individual ethics. Character. Virtue

Special virtues, A-Z

BJ1533.C36 Charity


Religions. Mythology. Rationalism


History and principles of religions

Asian. Oriental

By religion


Sacred books. Sources. Āgama (Siddhānta) literature

Special topics, A-Z

BL1310.8.E35 Ecology

Special topics, A-Z

BL1375.K37 Karma

By region or country


Special religions


Other special topics, A-Z

BL1942.85.T33 Taboo


By ethnic group, etc., A-Z

BL2032.B43 Bharia



Relation of Judaism to special subject fields

Other, A-Z

BM538.C58 Climatic changes

Dogmatic Judaism

Other topics, A-Z

BM645.D476 Deserts


Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy, etc.


Sacred books

Qurʼan. Koran

Works about the Qurʼan

Special topics, A-Z

BP134.H36 Happiness

Hadith literature. Traditions. Sunna. حديث.سنة

Special topics, A-Z

BP135.8.V56 Violence. Prevention of violence

The practice of Islam

Islamic religious life (Descriptive works)


Individual virtues, A-Z

BP188.16.L69 Loyalty. Wafāʼ. وفاء

[BP188.16.W34] Wafāʼ. وفاء see BP188.16.L69

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

[BP190.5.E64] Epistemology see BP190.5.K66

BP190.5.K66 Knowledge, Theory of. Epistemology

[BP190.5.T495] Theory of knowledge see BP190.5.K66



Modifications, schools, etc.

Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism)

Special branches of Tibetan Buddhism

Individual branches

Bkaʼ-rgyud-pa (Kargyudpa) sects

BQ7682.96-.96952 Khro-phu (Sect) TABLE BQ14a

BQ7684.96-.96952 Phag-gru (Sect) TABLE BQ14a



Christianity in relation to special subjects, A-Z

BR115.B37 Basic income


The Bible


Texts and versions

Modern texts and versions

Non-European languages

African languages, A-Z

BS325.D83 Duruma TABLE BS5

BS325.H47 Herero TABLE BS5

BS325.S23 Sabaot TABLE BS5

Old Testament

Works about the Old Testament

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

BS1199.A68 Architecture

New Testament

Special parts of the New Testament


Epistles of Paul

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

BS2655.K55 Knowledge


Christian denominations

Orthodox Eastern Church

Other special topics, A-Z

BX342.9.H43 Heart

Catholic Church

Monasticism. Religious orders

Individual orders of women

BX4333.75 Daughters of Saint Augustine TABLE BX18

Other Protestant denominations

Mormons. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Special topics

Other, A-Z

BX8643.T38 Technology


History of Asia

Israel (Palestine). The Jews

Ethnography. Tribes of Israel

Other elements in the population, A-Z

DS113.8.F55 Filipinos


Recreation. Leisure


Ball games


Special topics

Other special topics, A-Z

GV979.R45 Religious aspects