LC Headings and Classification from October 2022 – February 2023 Lists

The new headings and classification numbers listed here reflect the most recent information available at the time of publication. Items in this list were selected from 2022 list numbers 10 (Oct 14), 11 and 11e (Nov 18), 12 and 12e (Dec 16), and 2023 list numbers 01e (Jan 20) and 02e (Feb 17).


Subject Headings

100    Abū Bakr, Caliph, -634--In the Qurʼan    [sp2022006987]

053    BP133.7.A28

150    African American religious educators    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021001501]

450    UF Religious educators, African American

550    BT Religious educators--United States

150    Astrology, Ethiopian    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022006992]

053    BF1714.E8

450    UF Ethiopian astrology

150    Bible stories, Maori CHANGE HEADING

150    Bible stories, Māori    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2016000792]

450    UF Māori Bible stories

688    Heading changed from Bible stories, Maori to Bible stories, Māori in December 2022.

150    Buddhism--Origin    [sp 87003203 ]

681    Example under reference from Origin DELETE FIELD

681    Example under reference from Origin; example under Religion--Origin ADD FIELD

150    Caliphs in the Qurʼan    [sp2022006989]

550    BT Qurʼan

150    Catechisms, Maori CHANGE HEADING

150    Catechisms, Māori    [sp2006005474]

450    UF Māori catechisms

688    Heading changed from Catechisms, Maori to Catechisms, Māori in January 2023.

150    Catechisms, Susu    [sp2022007032]

450    UF Susu catechisms

150    Child development--Religious aspects    [sp2022006482]

150    Child development--Religious aspects--Islam    [sp2022006483]

150    Christian martyrs in the theater    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022007421]

550    BT Theater

150    Church work with nursing home patients CHANGE HEADING

150    Church work with nursing home residents    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 87000950 ]

053    BV4435.5

450    UF Church work with nursing home patients [Former heading]

550    BT Nursing home residents

688    Heading changed from Church work with nursing home patients to Church work with nursing home residents in December 2022.

150    Deadly sins in motion pictures    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022007794]

550    BT Motion pictures

150    Death--Anthropological aspects    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006995]

053    GN485.5-GN486

550    BT Anthropology

150    Dowry--Religious aspects    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022006550]

150    Dowry--Religious aspects--Islam    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022006551]

053    BP190.5.D69

150    Faith-based community organizing    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006837]

450    UF Faith-based and community organizations

450    UF FBCO (Faith-based community organizing)

550    BT Community organization

150    Free will and determinism in motion pictures    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022006381]

550    BT Motion pictures

150    Gāyatrī (Hindu deity) CANCEL HEADING    [sp 85053582 ]

682    This authority record has been deleted because the subject heading is covered by an identical name heading (DLC)n 202224023

150    Hecate Shrine (Index, Wash.)    [sp2019102766]

450    UF Hekate Shrine (Index, Wash.)

550    BT Shrines--Washington (State)

150    Hijab (Islamic clothing) in comics    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022007367]

550    BT Comic books, strips, etc.

680    Here are entered works on the representation of the hijab in comics.

150    Hindu temples--Indonesia    [sp2022007402]

150    Historical fiction--Religious aspects    [sp2022006570]

150    Historical fiction--Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2022006571]

150    Holocaust scholars    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006852]

550    BT Scholars

150    Houris    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021000097]

053    BP166.87

450    UF Ḥawrāʾ

450    UF Ḥūr

450    UF Huris

450    UF Ḥūrīyah

450    UF Ḥūrīyāt

450    UF Ḥūriyya

450    UF Ḥūriyyāt

550    BT Paradise--Islam

150    Hymns, Chinook jargon CHANGE HEADING

150    Hymns, Chinook Wawa    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2001009650]

450    UF Chinook Wawa hymns

450    UF Hymns, Chinook jargon [Former heading]

688    Heading changed from Hymns, Chinook jargon to Hymns, Chinook Wawa language in February 2023.

150    Hymns, Maori CHANGE HEADING

150    Hymns, Māori    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2003005622]

450    UF Māori hymns

688    Heading changed from Hymns, Maori to Hymns, Māori in December 2022.

150    Hymns, Tiang    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022007113]

450    UF Tiang hymns

150    Intercessory prayer--Lutheran Church    [sp2022007515]

150    Intercessory prayer--Selbständige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche    [sp2022007514]

150    Islamic civilization    [sp 85026458 ]

451    UF Islamic Empire--Civilization ADD FIELD

150    Islamic literature, Amharic    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022007519]

450    UF Amharic Islamic literature

550    BT Amharic literature

150    Jewish comic books, strips, etc.    [sp2022007272]

450    UF Comic books, strips, etc.--Jewish authors

450    UF Jewish comics

550    BT Comic books, strips, etc.

550    BT Jewish literature

150    Judaism--Amsterdam (Netherlands)    [sp2022007804]

150    Judaism--Portuguese-Amsterdam rite    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022007243]

450    UF Judaism--minhag ḳehal kodsho Talmud Torah Amśṭerdam

450    UF Judaism--minhag Amśṭerdam

550    BT Judaism--Customs and practices

550    BT Judaism--Amsterdam (Netherlands)

150    Maori (New Zealand people)--Funeral customs and rites CHANGE HEADING

150    Māori (New Zealand people)--Funeral customs and rites    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85052411 ]

450    UF Funeral rites and ceremonies, Maori [Former heading]

150    Maori (New Zealand people)--Marriage customs and rites CHANGE HEADING

150    Māori (New Zealand people)--Marriage customs and rites    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85081492 ]

450    UF Marriage customs and rites, Maori [Former heading]

150    Maori (New Zealand people)--Missions CHANGE HEADING

150    Māori (New Zealand people)--Missions    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85086157 ]

053    BV3665

450    UF Missions to Maoris [Former heading]

150    Maori (New Zealand people)--Religion CHANGE HEADING

150    Māori (New Zealand people)--Religion    [sp 85080828 ]

150    Maori (New Zealand people)--Rites and ceremonies CHANGE HEADING

150    Māori (New Zealand people)--Rites and ceremonies    [sp 85080829 ]

150    Mormon historians    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2021008237]

053    BX8611

550    BT Christian historians

150    Mujaddidīn    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006558]

450    UF Islamic reformers

450    UF Mujaddids

450    UF Muslim reformers

450    UF Reformers, Islamic

450    UF Reformers, Muslim

550    BT Reformers

150    Muslim women    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85147398 ]

450    UF Muslimahs ADD FIELD

150    Muslim women superheroes    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022007366]

450    UF Muslim superheroines

450    UF Women superheroes, Muslim

550    BT Women superheroes

150    Muslim women superheroes in comics    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022007365]

550    BT Comic books, strips, etc.

680    Here are entered works on the representation of Muslim women superheroes in comics.

150    Mythology, Greek, in motion pictures    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022006713]

550    BT Motion picture

150    Mythology, Greek, on television    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022006715]

550    BT Television

150    Mythology, Maori CHANGE HEADING

150    Mythology, Māori    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85089407 ]

053    BL2615

450    UF Māori mythology

450    UF Mythology, Maori (New Zealand people) [Former heading]

688    Heading changed from Mythology, Maori to Mythology, Māori in December 2022.

150    Mythology, Maori, in art CHANGE HEADING

150    Mythology, Māori, in art    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp 97002675 ]

688    Heading changed from Mythology, Maori, in art to Mythology, Māori, in art in December 2022.

150    Narasiṃha (Hindu deity) in literature CANCEL HEADING    [sp 94006789 ]

682    This authority record is being deleted because the heading is covered by the heading Narasiṃha (Hindu deity)--In literature a heading for which a subject authority record is not made because it uses a free-floating subdivision.

150    Navayana Buddhism    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022007086]

053    BQ9800.N46-BQ9800.N4692

072    H 1185

450    UF Bhimayana Buddhism

450    UF Neo-Buddhism (Navayana Buddhism)

550    BT Buddhism

550    BT Buddhist sects

150    Nuclear disarmament--Religious aspects--Catholic Church.    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006486]

150    Nuclear weapons--Religious aspects--Catholic Church    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006485]

150    Religion--Origin    [sp2022007004]

053    BL430 (Religious doctrines)

053    GN470.5 (Anthropology)

360    SA subdivision Origin under individual religions, e.g, Buddhism--Origin

450    UF Origin of religion

550    BT Religion--History

150    Religious educators--United States    [sp2022007780]

150    Sacred space--India    [sp2022007168]

150    Sermons, Maori CHANGE HEADING

150    Sermons, Māori    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2006005473]

450    UF Māori sermons

688    Heading changed from Sermons, Maori to Sermons, Māori in January 2023.

150    Sermons, Tatar    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2022006919]

450    UF Tatar sermons

150    Sex in the Qurʼan    [sp2022006925]

053    BP134.S48

150    Shabbat shubah CHANGE HEADING

150    Shabbat shuvah    [sp 85120770 ]

450    UF Sabbath of penitence

450    UF Sabbath of Repentance

450    UF Shabbat of return

450    UF Shabbat of teshuvah

450    UF Shabbat shubah [Former heading]

450    UF Shabbat shuva

550    BT High Holidays

688    Heading changed from Shabbat shubah to Shabbat shuvah in December 2022.

150    Shabbat shubah sermons CHANGE HEADING

150    Shabbat shuvah sermons    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85120771 ]

450    UF Shabbat shubah sermons [Former heading]

550    BT Jewish festival-day sermons

688    Heading changed from Shabbat shubah sermons to Shabbat shuvah sermons in December 2022.

150    Shrines--Washington (State)    [sp2022007001]

110    Surya Temple (Osiān, India)    [sp2022007123]

410    UF Ossian Surya Temple (Osiān, India)

410    UF Sun Temple (Osiān, India)

550    BT Hindu temples--India

551    BT India--Antiquities

150    Theology in comics    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022007151]

550    BT Comic books, strips, etc.

680    Here are entered works on the representation of theology in comics.

150    Theology in motion pictures    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022007370]

550    BT Motion pictures

150    Translating and interpreting--Religious aspects    [sp2022006429]

053    P306.97.R45

150    White supremacy movements--Religious aspects--Baptists    [sp2022006976]

150    Women missionaries in literature    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2022006131]

150    Women--Violence against--Religious aspects    [sp2022005750]

Demographic Group Terms

150    Hanafites    [dp2022060268]

072    rel

450    UF Hanafis

450    UF Hanafists

450    UF Hanifites

550    BT Sunnites

150    Heathens (New religious movement)    [dp2022060105]

680    Here are entered works on religious adherents of the modern revival of Germanic Paganism emerging out of the 19th-century Romanticism and finding a stronghold in the New Religious movement of the 20th Century. DELETE FIELD

680    Religious adherents of the modern revival of Germanic paganism emerging out of the 19th-century Romanticism and finding a stronghold in the New Religious movement of the 20th century. ADD FIELD

150    Unitarian Universalists    [dp2022060342]

072    rel

450    UF Universalists, Unitarian

Genre/Form Terms

155    Ketubahs    [gp2022026092]

455    UF Jewish marriage contracts

455    UF Ketubbahs

555    BT Contracts

Classification Numbers


Philosophy (General)

Modern (1450/1600- )

By religion


Special topics, A-Z

B5802.G63 God


Occult sciences


By ethnic group, religion, or country, A-Z

BF1714.E8 Ethiopian



Religious ethics

Jewish ethics

Special topics, A-Z

BJ1286.V57 Virtue


Religions. Mythology. Rationalism


Religious doctrines (General)

BL486 Heresy

Religious life

Special classes of persons

Other, A-Z

BL625.9.C58 City dwellers

History and principles of religions

Asian. Oriental

By religion


Doctrines. Theology

Other special topics and relations to special subjects, A-Z

BL1215.W66 Women



Practical Judaism

Liturgy and ritual

Special liturgical books

Other liturgical books, A-Z

BM675.O64 Omer period TABLE BM7


Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy, etc.




Muḥammad, Prophet, d. 632

Special topics

BP76.6 Prophecies

Sacred books

Qurʼan. Koran

Works about the Qurʼan

Men, women, and children of the Qurʼan


Individual, A-Z

BP133.7.A28 Abū Bakr, Caliph, -634

Special topics, A-Z

BP134.S48 Sex

Theology (Kalām). كلام

Special doctrines

Eschatology. Future life

BP166.87 Paradise CANCEL

BP166.87 Paradise

Including Houris

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

BP190.5.D69 Dowry

BP190.5.R47 Responsibility



Modifications, schools, etc.

Other modifications, schools, sects, etc., A-Z

BQ9800.N46-.N4692     Neo-Buddhism TABLE BQ7




By period

Early and medieval

Apostolic Age to fall of Roman Empire

Special topics

Other special, A-Z

BR195.D57 Distraction (Psychology)

By region or country


Great Britain. England

By period

Early and medieval to the Reformation


Individual, A-Z

BR754.G63 Godric, Saint, -1170

Asia. The Orient

Eastern Asia


By period

BR1289 21st century


Individual biography

Early Christian biography to ca. 600, A-Z

BR1720.A16 Abercius, Saint, Bishop of Hierapolis, -approximately 200


The Bible


Texts and versions

Modern texts and versions

Non-European languages

African languages, A-Z

BS325.A39 Aghem TABLE BS5

BS325.A95 Awing TABLE BS5

BS325.G58 Gisu TABLE BS5

BS325.L25 Laadi TABLE BS5

BS325.L64 Lomwe (Malawi) TABLE BS5

BS325.N445 Ngomba (Bamileke) TABLE BS5

BS325.S255 Samburu TABLE BS5

BS325.S29 Sanga TABLE BS5

BS325.T874 Tunen TABLE BS5

BS325.V55 Vili TABLE BS5

Languages of Oceania and Australasia (Austronesian, Papuan, and Australian), A-Z

BS335.B364 Baruga TABLE BS5

BS335.D44 Dhao TABLE BS5

Old Testament

Works about the Old Testament

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

BS1199.C585 Compassion

New Testament

Special parts of the New Testament


Epistles of Paul

Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z

BS2655.I76 Irony


Practical theology

Pastoral theology

Practical church work. Social work. Work of the layman

Church work with special classes

Older people

BV4435.5 Nursing home patients CANCEL

BV4435.5 Nursing home residents


Christian denominations

Orthodox Eastern Church

Other special topics, A-Z

BX342.9.L68 Love

Other Protestant denominations

Pentecostal churches

Individual branches

BX8768.67 Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular TABLE BX3


Romance philology and languages




Special topics, A-Z

PC830.7.P75 Priests



Instrumental music

One solo instrument

Keyboard instruments


Specific seasons and occasions

Collections. By season, occasion, etc., A-Z

M14.4.R4 Reformation


Philology. Linguistics

Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar

Translating and interpreting

Other topics, A-Z

P306.97.R45 Religious aspects


Oriental philology and literature



Literary history and criticism


Special aspects and topics

Treatment of special subjects, A-Z

PJ5012.S53 Shamanism

Treatment of special persons and characters, A-Z

PJ5013.5.J83 Judas Iscariot


Greek literature


Printed editions


Selections. Anthologies

Special. By subject, catchword title or title, A-Z

PA3435.R45 Religious poetry


Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

Ural-Altaic languages

Turkic languages

Southwestern (Oghuz) group

Turkish (Osmanic or Ottoman)


History and criticism


Prose. Fiction

Special forms and topics, A-Z

PL223.5.J48 Jesus Christ



Motion pictures

Other special topics, A-Z

PN1995.9.F825 Free will and determinism


French literature

Modern French literature

Individual authors

19th century

Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850

Biography and criticism


Special topics, A-Z

PQ2184.S65 Spirituality


English literature

History of English literature

By period


Elizabethan era (1550-1640)

Other special topics, A-Z

PR428.L56 Liminality

17th century

PR438.T54 Theology

18th century

Special topics, A-Z

PR448.I65 Islam

19th century

Special topics, A-Z

PR468.M58 Missionaries