LC Headings and Classification from September 2023 – February 2024 Lists

The new headings and classification numbers listed here reflect the most recent information available at the time of publication. Items in this list were selected from 2023 list numbers 09 (Sept 22), 10 (Oct 20), 12 (Dec 5) and 2024 list numbers 01 (Jan 2), 02 (Feb 21).

Subject Headings

150    Alai Darwaza (Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, Delhi, India)    [sp2023001710]

450    UF Alaʼ Darvāzah (Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, Delhi, India)

450    UF ʻAlāʼ Darwāzah (Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, Delhi, India)

450    UF Alauddin, Gate of (Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, Delhi, India)

450    UF ʻAlāy Darwāzah (Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, Delhi, India)

450    UF Gate of Alauddin (Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, Delhi, India)

550    BT Gateways--India

510    BT Quwwat ul-Islam Mosque (Delhi, India)

150    Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000---Religious aspects CHANGE HEADING

150    Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000-2005--Religious aspects    [sp2019001062]

150    Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000---Religious aspects--Judaism CHANGE HEADING

150    Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000-2005--Religious aspects--Judaism    [sp2019001063]

150    Apocalypse in popular culture    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001692]

550    BT Popular culture    

680    Here are entered works on the representation of the apocalypse in popular culture.

150    Bible and music    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001351]

450    UF Music and the Bible

550    BT Music

150    Bisexuality--Religious aspects--Christianity    [sp2023001717]

150    Buzghushīyah    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001974]

450    UF Bozġošiah

450    UF Buzghushiyya

550    BT Sufism

110    Chakraswamin Temple (Chittaurgarh, India)    [sp2023001747]

410    UF C̣akraswāmin Temple (Chittaurgarh, India)

550    BT Hindu temples--India

150    Christian bisexual people    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001716]

450    UF Bisexual Christians

550    BT Bisexual people

150    Church work with gays--Latter Day Saint churches CHANGE HEADING

150    Church work with gay people--Latter Day Saint churches    [sp2021007245]

450    UF Church work with gays--Latter Day Saint churches [Former heading]

450    UF Church work with gays--Mormon Church [Former heading]

688    Heading changed from Church work with gays--Mormon Church to Church work with gays--Latter Day Saint churches in July 2023. Heading changed from Church work with gays--Latter Day Saint churches to Church work with gay people--Latter Day Saint churches in July 2023.

150    Dodaidi    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001922]

450    UF Bebe ayon

450    UF Doda-idi

450    UF Dodaidi poetry

450    UF Peuayon aneuk

450    UF Peuayon dodi

450    UF Peurateb aneuk

550    BT Didactic poetry, Achinese

550    BT Islamic poetry, Achinese

550    BT Lullabies, Achinese

150    Evil, Non-resistance to    [sp 85046020 ]

450    UF Evil, Resistance to ADD FIELD

450    UF Resistance to evil ADD FIELD

550    RT Pacifism DELETE FIELD

550    BT Good and evil ADD FIELD

150    Evil, Non-resistance to--Religious aspects    [sp2023002048]

150    Evil, Non-resistance to--Religious aspects--Russkai͡a pravoslavnai͡a t͡serkovʹ    [sp2023002049]

150    Globalization--Religious aspects--Oriental Orthodox churches    [sp2023001917]

150    Irish Americans--Relations with Jews    [sp2023001831]

053    E184.36.I75

450    UF Irish American-Jewish relations

450    UF Jewish-Irish American relations

450    UF Jews--Relations with Irish Americans

150    Iswari Minar Swarga Sal (Jaipur, India)    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2023002075]

450    UF Iswari Minar Swarga Sal Minaret (Jaipur, India)    

450    UF Iswari Minar Swarga Sal Tower (Jaipur, India)    

550    BT Minarets--India

110    Jatashankar Mahadev Temple (Chittorgarh Fort, Chittaurgarh, India)    [sp2023001657]

410    UF Jata Shankar Mahadev Temple (Chittorgarh Fort, Chittaurgarh, India)

410    UF Jata Shankar Temple (Chittorgarh Fort, Chittaurgarh, India)

410    UF Jatashankar Mahadev Devalaya (Chittorgarh Fort, Chittaurgarh, India)

410    UF Jatashankar Mahadev Mandir (Chittorgarh Fort, Chittaurgarh, India)

551    BT Chittorgarh Fort (Chittaurgarh, India)

550    BT Hindu temples--India    

150    Jewish bisexuals CHANGE HEADING

150    Jewish bisexual people    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2019000135]

450    UF Bisexual Jews

450    UF Jewish bisexuals [Former heading]

550    BT Bisexual people

688    Heading changed from Jewish bisexuals to Jewish bisexual people in December 2023.

150    Kalamakaras    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001980]

450    UF Kala-makara-toranas    

450    UF Kala-makaras    

450    UF Kalamakara-toranas    

550    BT Decoration and ornament, Architectural    

550    BT Hindu decoration and ornament

150    Libraries--Special collections--Mormons CHANGE HEADING    

150    Libraries--Special collections--Latter Day Saints    [sp2021006056]    

450    UF Libraries--Special collections--Mormons [Former heading]    

550    BT Latter Day Saints    

688    Heading changed from Libraries--Special collections--Mormons to Libraries--Special collections--Latter Day Saints in January 2024.

150    Makaras (Hindu mythology)    [sp2023001976]

450    UF Makara (Hindu mythology)    

550    BT Hindu mythology    

550    BT Sea monsters

150    Makaras (Hindu mythology) in art    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2023001977]

150    Minarets--India    [sp2023002076]

150    Mythology, Greek, in the theater    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001784]

550    BT Theater

150    Pacifism    [May Subd Geog]    [sp 85096501 ]    

550    RT Evil, Non-resistance to DELETE FIELD

150    Peace in the Qurʼan    [sp2023001760]

053    BP134.P36

150    Pyramidology    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001997]    

053    BF1623.P87    

550    BT Occultism

150    Qurʼan stories, Malay    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001927]    

450    UF Malay Qurʼan stories

150    Samantabhadra (Buddhist deity) CANCEL HEADING    [sp 97004226 ]

682    This authority record has been deleted because the subject heading is covered by an identical name heading (DLC)no2023085132

150    Saranjana (Legendary place)    [Not Subd Geog]    [sp2023001773]

053    GR941.S27

550    BT Geographical myths

150    Southern Wall (Jerusalem)    [sp2023001738]

450    UF Jidār al-Janūbī (Jerusalem)

450    UF Kotel ha-deromi (Jerusalem)

450    UF Kotel ha-Dromi (Jerusalem)

550    BT Walls—Jerusalem

150    Sufi poetry, Indonesian    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001859]

450    UF Indonesian Sufi poetry

550    BT Indonesian poetry

110    Ta Keo (Angkor)    [sp2023002019]

410    UF Hemagiri (Angkor)    

410    UF Hemasringagiri (Angkor)    

410    UF Prasat Keo (Angkor)    

410    UF Prasat Ta Keo (Angkor)    

410    UF Prasat Ta Kêv (Angkor)    

410    UF Ta Kaeo (Angkor)    

410    UF Ta Keo Temple (Angkor)    

410    UF Takeo (Angkor)    

551    BT Cambodia--Antiquities    

550    BT Hindu temples--Cambodia

150    War in the Qurʼan    [sp2023001761]

053    BP134.W36

150    Witchcraft--Anthropological aspects    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001992]

550    BT Anthropology

150    Women Muslim scholars    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001686]

550    BT Muslim scholars

550    BT Women scholars

150    Z̲ahabīyah    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001417]

053    BP189.7.Z34-BP189.7.Z342

450    UF Zahabiya

450    UF Z̲ahabiyya

550    BT Sufism

150    Zār ṭumbura    [May Subd Geog]    [sp2023001500]

450    UF Tombura    

550    BT Islamic sects    

550    BT Zār

Genre/Form Terms

155    Ambrosian chants    [gp2020026073]

455    UF Chants (Ambrosian chants)

455    UF Milanese chants

455    UF Plainchants (Ambrosian chants)

455    UF Plainsong (Ambrosian chants)

555    BT Chants

555    BT Sacred music

155    Gregorian chants    [gp2014026843]

455    UF Plainchants DELETE FIELD

455    UF Plainsong DELETE FIELD

455    UF Plainchants (Gregorian chants) ADD FIELD

455    UF Plainsong (Gregorian chants) ADD FIELD

155    Ketubahs    [gp2022026092]

455    UF Ketubbot ADD FIELD

455    UF Ketubot ADD FIELD

155    Verse hagiographies    [gp2023026035]

555    BT Religious poetry ADD FIELD

Demographic Group Terms

150    Bat mitzvah girls    [dp2023060105]

072    soc

450    UF Bat mitsvah girls

550    BT Teenagers

550    BT Girls

550    BT Jews

150    Hurufis    [dp2023060145]

072    rel

450    UF Horufis

450    UF Houroûfîs

450    UF Ḥurūfiyya

550    BT Shiites

550    BT Sufis

150    Naqshabandis    [dp2023060122]

072    rel    

450    UF Naqshabandi Order members    

450    UF Naqshabandīyah members    

450    UF Naqshabandīyah Order members    

450    UF Naqshbandi Order members    

450    UF Naqshbandi Sufi Order members    

450    UF Naqshbandis    

450    UF Naqshbandiya members    

450    UF Naqshbandīyah members    

450    UF Naqshbandīyah Order members    

450    UF Naqshbandiyya members    

450    UF Naqshbandiyya Order members    

550    BT Sufis

Classification Numbers


Islam. Bahai Faith. Theosophy, etc.


Sacred books

Qurʼan. Koran

Works about the Qurʼan

Special topics, A-Z

BP134.W36 War

The practice of Islam

Islamic religious life (Descriptive works)

Sufism. Mysticism. Dervishes. صوفية

Monasticism. Sufi orders. Brotherhoods

Individual orders, A-Z

BP189.7.Z34-.Z342 Z̲ahabīyah TABLE BP3

Other beliefs and movements

Works. By movement, A-Z

BP605.B625 Black Coptic Church



Doctrinal and systematic Buddhism

Special topics (nondoctrinal) and relations to special subjects, A-Z

BQ4570.S44 Self-consciousness (Awareness)



Collected works

Early Christian literature to ca. 600. Fathers of the Church, etc.

Individual authors

BR65.M3772-.M37726 &nbsp Marcellus, of Ankara, Bishop of Ankara, approximately 280

approximately 374 TABLE BR1


The Bible


Texts and versions

Modern texts and versions


English versions

Other versions and revisions. By version, A-Z

BS195.H42-.H422Hebrew Roots TABLE BS2

Non-European languages

African languages, A-Z

BS325.K3947Kalanga TABLE BS5

BS325.L84&nbspLukpa TABLE BS5


Practical theology

Practical religion. The Christian life

Religious works for special classes of persons

Other, A-Z

BV4596.P86 Psychic trauma patients


United States

Elements in the population


Special topics, A-Z

E184.36.I75 Irish American-Jewish relations



By subject

Charms. Talismans. Amulets. Spells

[GR600-615] Cf. GN475-475.8 Primitive religion CANCEL

Charms. Talismans. Amulets. Spells

[GR600-615] Cf. GN475-475.8 Magic in religion


Societies: Secret, benevolent, etc.

Other societies. By classes

Religious societies

By church

[HS1556-1560]Mohammedan. Islamic CANCEL



Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology

History of philanthropy

HV18Muslim philanthropy


Islamic law. Sharīʻah. Fiqh. شريعة. فقه


Subject bibliography

[KBP3-3.22] For subject bibliography on Islam see Z7835.I75

[KBP3-3.22] For subject bibliography on Islam see Z7835.M6 CANCEL


History of education

By period

Medieval and modern

Mohammedan education (Medieval)

[LA99] Cf. BP42-48 Mohammedanism CANCEL

Islamic education (Medieval)

[LA99] Cf. BP42-48

LA99 Mohammedan education (Medieval) CANCEL

LA99 Islamic education (Medieval)

Mohammedan education

[LA99] Cf. LC901-915 General history CANCEL

Islamic education (Medieval)

[LA99] Cf. LC901-915 General history


Visual arts

Special subjects of art

Other special subjects (alphabetically)

St - Te

N8251.S554 Sublime, The



Special classes of buildings

Classed by use

Public buildings

Religious buildings. Religious architecture

Christian architecture

Plans and designs

NA4812.A-Z Special topics, A-Z

NA4812.L58 Liturgy and architecture



Illuminating of manuscripts and books

Histories and reproductions of special illuminated works

Special works


New Testaments

Evangelaries, A-Z

ND3359.H34 Haghbati Avetaran

Other service books. Prayer books (other than above)

Special, A-Z

ND3380.4.P73 Psałterz trzebnicki


Philology. Linguistics

Communication. Mass media

Special aspects

Other, A-Z

P96.L64-.L642 Loki (Norse deity) TABLE P1


Classical literature

Literary history

PA3014.M43 Mediation CANCEL LINE

See PA3015.M385

PA3014.R45 Religion CANCEL LINE

See PA3015.R4-.R5

PA3014.S8 Spiritualism CANCEL LINE

See PA3015.S745

Treatment of special subjects, A-Z

PA3015.M385 Mediation

&nbspReligion. Mythology. Hero legend

PA3015.R4-.R5 Special. By subject, A-Z

PA3015.S745 Spiritualism


Dutch literature

Literary history and criticism

Special forms


Special forms

Prose fiction

Special topics

Other, A-Z

PT5330.C47 Christmas


Subject bibliography

Theology and religion

Religions (non-Christian)

Special, A-Z

Z7835.I75 Islam

[Z7835.I752] Islam see Z7835.M6 CANCEL

Z7835.M6 &nbspMohammedanism. Islam CANCEL

(Z7835.M6)Mohammedanism. Islam

see Z7835.I75