Members Present

  • Karla Grafton, Hartford International University for Religion and Peace
  • Richard Lammert, Concordia Theological Seminary
  • James Pakala, Library Director Emeritus, Covenant Theological Seminary
  • Roger Peters, Concordia Theological Seminary
  • Robert Roethemeyer, Concordia Theological Seminary
  • Robert Smith, Concordia Theological Seminary

Round Robin Reports

Concordia Theological Seminary – Robert Roethemeyer reported on current succession planning at the seminary (especially in the library), digitization projects, and non-English cataloging.

Hartford International University for Religion and Peace – Karla Grafton reported that she is new to her position and thus has no updates for the group. Although her university is nondenominational, she is Lutheran and wants to find out what common opportunities might exist between her institution and Lutheran institutions.


Jim Pakala asked about the new platform at Atla. Ana Cackley (the Atla representative providing support for the virtual meeting) reported that it is called “Gather,” and is coming sometime in the near future. However, it should not affect submissions of notes from groups.

Jim Pakala also mentioned the value of doing an STM thesis as a preparation for serving in the library. In his case, he found that the work very much improved his ability to be a theological librarian.