Members Present (In Person)

  • T. Patrick Milas, New Brunswick Theological Seminary
  • Jude Morrissey, Yale Divinity School
  • Dan Ramirez, Anne Arundel County Library
  • Hannie Riley, Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford

Members Present (Via Zoom)

  • T. Patrick Milas, New Brunswick Theological Seminary
  • Mitzi Budde, Virginia Theological Seminary
  • Jim Pakala, Covenant Seminary (retired)
  • Dan Ramirez, Anne Arundel County Library

Absentee Members

  • Susanah Hanson, Trinity School for Ministry
  • Alison Poage, Seminary of the Southwest
  • Jim Dunkly, Sewanee School of Theology (retired)

Call to Order

Members of the Anglican/Episcopal Denominational Group met in-person on June 17 at 5 p.m. in Baltimore. To facilitate participation, we reconvened via Zoom on July 11 at 2 p.m. Eastern.

2022/2023 Worship Plans

In Baltimore, Patrick Milas invited Jude Morrissey to officiate a service of Evening Prayer according to the Book of Common Prayer as our denominational group’s worship for 2022. Dan Ramirez, Patrick Milas and Hannie Riley participated as readers according to the Revised Common Lectionary.

Plans for 2023 were discussed via Zoom. Members expressed interest in hosting a service in Ft. Worth, TX during the 2023 annual conference should it be held in-person. Duane Harbin has previously expressed interest in networking with area Episcopalians to explore worship or program options for the Ft. Worth conference.

Group Leadership

Patrick Milas encouraged anyone interested to serve as convener. Milas was encouraged to continue serving as convener.

Round Robin Reports

Mitzi Budde, Virginia Theological Seminary – The VTS community are enjoying the new library. Instruction at VTS remains entirely residential.

Susanah Hanson, Trinity School for Ministry – Trinity has a new Dean President. The Academic Dean retires in December. The Library has been adding shelving to accommodate donations like the North American Lutheran Seminary collection. Susanah is halfway through coursework for a ThD in Biblical Theology. She reported, “It has at times been difficult to juggle work, school, and my family, but I am really enjoying the studying!”

Patrick Milas, Sage Library at New Brunswick Theological Seminary – The Seminary has recently undergone two self-study visits: ATS and Middle States. In 2021, NBTS welcomed a new Access Services & Reference Librarian, Deanna Roberts, and a new Technical Services Librarian & Archivist, Christina Geuther. Sage Library reopened to the public on June 1, 2022. Patrick was delighted to share about the birth of his second daughter, Esme, on New Year’s Day.

Jude Morrissey, Yale Divinity School – The Divinity Library has reopened. Jude Morrissey is pursuing an MDiv from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale in preparation to serve as library chaplain.

Jim Pakala, Covenant Seminary (retired) – Jim joins the group online, having led the Presbyterian/Reformed Group for years. Jim and Denise have been worshiping at an Episcopal church. He would like to see more of what our group sponsored at the Cathedral Church in Vancouver.

Alison Poage, Seminary of the Southwest – The Booher Library and classroom building are under construction until 2023. Staff are operating out of the Deanery. Foot traffic to the space is low. Duane Carter has been promoted to Assistant Library Director, and he still serves as our Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian. Duane and Alison updated the policies which we approved in May. The library is investigating ILS options. Reaffirmation of accreditation tasks are on the horizon. They are happy to talk about coordinating on serials preservation with any interested seminaries.

Dan Ramirez, Anne Arundel County Library – Dan recently joined Atla and enjoyed Evening Prayer in Baltimore. He looks forward to participating further with the Anglican/Episcopal Denominational Group.


The meetings adjourned at 6:00 p.m. and 3 p.m., respectively.