Members Present

  • Carisse Berryhill, Abilene Christian University
  • Sheila Owen, Harding School of Theology
  • Jessica Holland, Harding School of Theology
  • David Kiger, Emmanuel Christian Seminary
  • Robin Hartman, Bushnell University
  • Chris Rosser, Oklahoma Christian University
  • Leslie Starasta, Lincoln Christian University
  • Lucy Perrin, Pepperdine University

Round Robin Reports

Oklahoma Christian University – New president and provost. Former library director Lee Anne Paris is now at Oklahoma Central University. J. J. Compton, cataloger and archivist, is serving as interim director. Enrollment is sagging. Meanwhile, the library is pursuing “gameful design” in library instruction.

Emmanuel Christian Seminary – Former director Gary Daught is retiring as director of libraries. David Kiger will succeed him on August 1. Current President Greer to retire next year. The library is adding a Student Success Librarian position. The Seminary is adding a hybrid MDiv, as well as DMin.

Lincoln Christian University – Budgetary concerns have produced administrative changes and a reduction in student workers at the library, which now has one librarian, Leslie Starasta. Former director Nancy Olson is working with TCM International. The Eury Library’s hymn site will be migrating to a new web format, possibly with Illinois, which originally funded the project through an IMLS grant.

Harding School of Theology – Enrollment is up significantly. Summer courses were up 63% over a year ago. DMin Director Steve Cloer has inaugurated a cohort model in the DMin program and has added a course called Introduction to DMin Research, which library director Jessica Holland co-teaches. Cataloger Sheila Owen reports that about 60% of their Overdrive ebooks are cataloged in WorldCat.

Pepperdine University – Lucy Perrin, Director and Archivist for the Rushford Center and the Churches of Christ Heritage Collection, participated at the June Christian Scholars Conference on a panel concerned with the preservation of church records in an era when many churches are closing. Also, on the panel moderated by James Wiser were former Lipscomb University archivist Elizabeth Rivera, now University Archivist at Baylor, Carisse Berryhill, and Scott Lambert from Heritage 21. Where Lucy has been carrying liaison duties in religion and philosophy, Kristin Peace will be coming alongside Lucy to help with liaison duties. Pepperdine is emphasizing digital curation and discovery. The library is selecting items for conservation from a gift of 1000 rare books. The library has an open position for University Archivist.

Bushnell University – After 28 years at Hope International University, Robin Hartman has moved to Bushnell University in Eugene, Oregon. Bushnell, formerly Northwestern Christian College, is historically related to the Disciples of Christ and the independent Christian Churches. After beginning as Student Success Librarian, Robin is moving into the Director role at Bushnell and getting acquainted with faculty leaders in MFT, Education, and Bible. Meanwhile, HIU has two librarians, including Steve Jung, who also teaches graduate-level courses in biblical studies.

Abilene Christian University – Brown Library is in its third year with James Wiser as Dean. Carisse works half-time remotely as his Special Assistant for Strategic Initiatives. Craig Churchill continues as theological librarian. Mac Ice continues as the director of Special Collections, including the Center for Restoration Studies collection, with archivist Amanda Dietz and librarian Erica Pye. The library acquired the Landon Saunders papers and recordings, and honored Saunders this spring as the 2023 Friend of the Library. In 2023 Special Collections put a newly acquired first-edition copy of Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address (1807) on permanent display in its own custom case. Former CRS student worker Dr. Joel Brown is the new President of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society.


The participants expressed our eagerness to collaborate on digital collections that reveal unique material held in our libraries from our common heritage, possibly by expanding the Stone Campbell Teaching Archive hosted by ACU, or by other means. Furthermore, we wish to strengthen a sense of networking among ourselves and our colleagues in related institutions. David Kiger offered to host a monthly Zoom discussion to encourage networking and collaboration.