Innovations for Theological Education in Post-Pandemic Africa Fulfilling the Missionary Task Through Faithful Teaching

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James Wesley Bledsoe


International Mission Board missionaries have historically implemented theological education as a key component of strategy. Even today the endgoal is to effect healthy churches that send out missionaries to the nations. Among the Sub-Saharan African peoples, mission leaders have sought innovative ways to further equip and empower national partners--churches, conventions, and institutions--to hold fast to sound doctrine and practice and to teach it to others. Among those innovative measures was the formation of a continental network called the Africa Baptist Theological Education Network and the utilization of technology to maintain and even increase theological education programs. Though the COVID pandemic brought major challenges to the actual implementation of the efforts to teach and to train, missionaries found ways to adjust. Across the continent theoloigical educators have implemented a variety of approaches to continue leadership development. While technology may grant new and creative avenues for theological education, there are some important matters to be considered for effectiveness in reaching the goal of a truly indigenous church.

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