The growing prevalence of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT has spurred important conversations regarding the ethics and impact of AI use in higher education. In many contexts, libraries and librarians have played a key role in this discussion.

In order to explore this exciting and developing topic of AI, the fall 2024 issue of Theological Librarianship will host a forum that invites librarians and others to share their experiences with or reflections on AI. In a brief statement (750-1500 words), contributors are encouraged to consider the ways in which religious, theological, or ethical perspectives might respond to AI in the context of librarianship or ways in which AI has intersected or might intersect with theological or religious studies and librarianship. 

The deadline for submissions is May 15th, 2024. Submissions will be evaluated based on originality and alignment with TL’s scope: subjects at the intersection of librarianship and religious and theological studies that potentially impact libraries.  Submissions should be made at