An Evaluation of the Classification Scheme for Adventists and Ellen White

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Felipe E. Tan
Terry Dwain Robertson


Libraries at Seventh-day Adventist affiliated colleges and universities collect their denominational materials exhaustively. Many use the Library of Congress Classification Scheme (LCC). The challenge is that these exhaustive collections must fit in a classification scheme based on a general collection that does not typically hold much on this topic. LCC uses BX6151-6155 for Seventh-day Adventists. Following the LCC notation without modification or expansion results in the proliferation of decimals, impeding both library users and staff. When a number of institutions share this same need, finding a standard notation they all can use is a mutual benefit. This paper reports on the development of a modification and expansion to LCC to address this need for libraries with exhaustive collections of Seventh-day Adventist books. This scheme follows a different method than the other denominational collections that have published an expanded or modified LCC to meet their purposes. The method has proven functional and collaborative efforts have made the scheme a success for libraries using it. This method may be of use to other small and highly specialized denominational collections in the LCC class BX.

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