Outreach and Promotion to Distance and Online Learners Lessons from a Pandemic

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Elizabeth Young Miller
Jude Morrissey
Deanna Roberts
Patsy Yang


The Public Services Interest Group (PSIG) sponsored this panel presentation on outreach and promotion to distance and online learners.  Panelists shared their pandemic experiences at Yale Divinity Library (Jude Morrissey), the Burke Library at Columbia University (Deanna Roberts), the Gardner Sage Library at New Brunswick Seminary (Deanna Roberts), and Gateway Seminary (Patsy Yang). The moderator, Elizabeth Young Miller, posed eight questions to the panelists who took turns responding to the questions, filtering them through a pastoral care lens.  Questions covered a range of topics, including creative approaches to online resources and services, building community, communication and publicity, student workers and reopening policies, and last but not least, how to plan for the future.

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