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Authors are required to comply with the following items or their submission may be returned.
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All submissions must meet the following requirements.

  • Has not been published and is not under consideration at any other publication.
    • Note: prior conference presentation or posting of drafts on a site dedicated for open peer review is not considered ‘publication’ for these purposes
  • Is in Microsoft Word (DOCX), Open/Libre Office (ODT), or rich text (RTF) format.
  • Uses only Unicode fonts only.
  • Includes an abstract of 100–150 words.
  • Conforms to Chicago Manual of Style in-text author-date formatfor citations.
    • Endnotes are only included for commentary or other ancillary, discursive, or explanatory content.
  • Includes a byline consisting of the name, position, and institution for each contributing author.
  • Image formats comply with the Atla Open Press Visual Materials Guidelines.
  • Image placement and captions are included within the text in compliance with the Atla Open Press Visual Materials Guidelines.
  • Filenames
    • Use the first few words of the article title
      Example: The title “The Future of Theological Libraries” would be Future_of_Theological_Libraries.docx
    • Include material type and a number for supporting files
      Example: FutureTheologicalLibraries_Image3.png
  • Any AI generated content has been disclosed to the editor in submission comments according to the Atla Open Press AI policy.

Thank you for presenting at Atla Annual. The Summary of Proceedings is the official record of Atla Annual and an opportunity to present the projects and scholarship of Atla and its members to a diverse, worldwide audience. Your work is a valuable contribution to the professional development of theological librarians, and Atla expects and appreciates high quality, substantive submissions that reflect the Association's core purpose and values.

The Proceedings are open only to persons who presented at Atla Annual.

If you are submitting a report on behalf of an interest group, denominational group, or committee report, please see the Atla Yearbook. Persons interested in otherwise writing for an Atla publication are encouraged to visit our open access journals Theological Librarianship and TCB.

Only papers from the following conference sessions will be accepted for publication in Proceedings:

  • preconference workshops
  • papers and presentations
  • panel discussions
  • conversation groups
  • listen-and-learn sessions
  • lightning round presentation
  • in-conference workshops
  • posters
  • worship
  • postconference workshops

All Proceedings submissions must be at least 500 words.

The text of each submission should be written as a self-contained prose article. Slide decks and speaker’s notes cannot be accepted for submission as-is. While different session types will take different forms when adapted for publication, all submissions should be written so as to convey the essential content of the session in a professional tone. Some specific tips:

  • Omit phrases addressing the audience, such as salutations or invitations to participate. The text should not resemble a transcription of the live event.
  • The body of the text should consist chiefly of full sentences, rather than bulleted lists of talking points.
  • Directing the reader to multimedia resources (e.g., providing a link to online content) is highly encouraged, but the submission should still read as complete in itself without requiring the reader to access outside content before reading on.

If you wish to include visual material (e.g., photos, charts, tables) with your submission, you must review the Atla Open Press Visual Materials Guidelines prior to creating and making your submission.

Finally, we ask submitters to please review the Atla Open Press House Style Guidelines for further guidance on how to submit to Atla in historical contexts, inclusive language best practices, and interpretations of the Chicago Manual of Style that are application to our publications.


All submissions are due by July 15 of the year in which the conference was held.

Submission Instructions

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    2. review and acknowledge the submission checklist
    3. upload your files
    4. add details about your submission


  • If there are multiple authors, only one needs to complete the submission process.
  • Please be sure to include:
    • the complete author, presenter, or submitter name 
    • the institutional affiliation for this person
    • the role for this person where appropriate 
  • Accurate and complete information is the responsibility of the submitter. Atla is not responsible for any spelling errors or for the omission of names of presenters or authors. 
  • Presentation slides, posters, and similar materials cannot be accepted for direct publication, but are encouraged to be linked in the submitted manuscript if available online.
  • Presentation slides, posters, and similar materials cannot be accepted for direct publication, but are encouraged to be linked in the submitted manuscript if available online.
  • We strongly recommend that you upload such presentation files to your SCHED so that readers can view them there.


Atla Open Press is committed to a peer-reviewed open access publication model without article processing charges, article submission charges, or other author fees.