Supporting Incarcerated Seminary Students

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Matt Ostercamp
Evan Kuehn
Antonio Pizarro


How can we provide access to theological scholarship for students in a maximum-security prison? This session will discuss how the North Park library supports seminary students in two different Illinois correctional institutions. We discuss the founding and history of the School of Restorative Arts, how Brandel Library built and managed remote prison collections, and how we support the research and writing of these students. We will then discuss future plans for SRA library services and questions for seminary libraries to consider as they plan to serve incarcerated students. Finally, Tony Pizarro will share from his experience and work within the SRA program and as the assistant director of North Park’s Writing Center.

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Matt Ostercamp, North Park University

Directory of the Library

Evan Kuehn, North Park University

Assistant Professor of Information Literacy

Antonio Pizarro, North Park University

Assistant Director of the Writing Center