The Journal on Teaching (JoT) is an annual peer-reviewed journal from the The Wabash Center. Each issue is theme driven and includes various forms of media—such as articles, poetry, visual art, videos of performing arts, and music—in service to critical reflection on teaching. As we aim to expand the traditional boundaries of scholarly writing, we remain focused on the scholarship of teaching in the fields of religious and theological studies, in both undergraduate and graduate educational contexts.

We are currently preparing for the publication of Volume 5 Issue 1; the issue’s theme is “Teaching Identity" (March 2024). As scholars and educators, we are always in the process of being and becoming. We stand in a constant space of shaping and reshaping identities with our students. We are teaching people in a variety of capacities who will then go on to aid others in forming identities. Considering the ways in which one’s understanding of their identity can expand and change, what strategies do we employ to help students actualize themselves and what they believe? How do those who identify as educators commit to championing individuals and entire communities of belonging? What has it meant to be more inclusive in our teaching as student bodies have become more diverse? How does the current identity politics of patriarchy and white supremacy effect one’s teaching and teaching life? In what ways have pressures on academia hindered the expression of one’s own multifaceted identity, imagination, and creativity when teaching? The Wabash Center’s Journal on Teaching will be publishing pieces that explore how thinking more intentionally about identity and expression might improve the dynamics of our teaching and create sites for self-healing. 


Future Themed Issues:

  • 2024 - “Teaching Identity: Vol. 5.”
  • 2025 - “Ecology: Vol. 6.”
  • 2026 - "Spirit: Vol. 7."
  • 2027 - "Democracy: Vol. 8."

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The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal on teaching in the fields of theological and religious studies in higher education.

The journal is edited by The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion (which is fully funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.), and is published through arrangements with ALTA Serials.


Teaching Theology and Religion

The Wabash Center has edited the Wiley-Blackwell journal, Teaching Theology & Religion (TTR ) since 1997, and will complete that work with the October 2019 issue (22:4). The manuscripts to be published in TTR through that date are already in the editorial review process.