The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching sustains the Wabash Center's leadership established by 21 years of editing "Teaching Theology & Religion" (published by Wiley).  We have transferred the entire editorial-team over to maintain the same commitment to critical reflection on classroom teaching practice that was the hallmark of TTR.

We will complete our work on TTR with the October 2019 issue (22:4). The manuscripts to be published in TTR through that date are already in the editorial review process.

We are now soliciting, collecting, reviewing, and editing manuscripts for the inaugural issue of The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching, which is scheduled for January 2020.

New manuscripts submitted to our editorial team enter the same peer-reviewed editorial review process that was employed when we edited TTR, but will now culminate in publication in The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching.


Call for Papers

Teaching With . . .
1500 word essays that focus on how a ground breaking book has shaped the way you teach.
Due July 1, 2019
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Critical Incidents in Teaching
2,000 to 3,000 word essays that analyze a “critical incident” that occurred when teaching.
Due July 1, 2019
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Standing Call for 1-page Teaching Tactics
Single-page (400 word) description of a successful teaching strategy that could be replicated by other instructors.
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Send manuscripts, inquires or questions, to:
Thomas Pearson
Editor, Wabash Center Journal on Teaching

Style Sheet
How to Submit

We encourage authors to take advantage of the open-access digital medium by linking to or embedding web-based tools, resources, graphics, and photos, as appropriate.