Theological Education for Sense-sational Leadership Cognitive Science, Christian Agility, and the Case for Sensory Theological Education

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Jennifer Lewis


In a century of constant technological change, escalating religious conflict, and seismic shifts in how Christians live and worship, those in Christian ministry require more than quick thinking skills. They must reason imaginatively, face change with flexibility, and simultaneously reinvigorate tradition while supporting transformation and growth. Yet what kinds of pedagogies cultivate the creativity, vision, and flexibility such leaders require for ministry today? This paper brings together research from theological education and cognitive science to show how pedagogical practices that engage the senses can help Christians leaders develop “agility”: namely, an ability to think and act in ways that are both discerning and dynamic, flexible as well as faithful. I argue that theological pedagogies that prioritize the senses in the pursuit of knowing God, others and the material world, when coupled with attunement to the Holy Spirit, can help Christian leaders exercise Spirit-led agility in their ministries today.

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