Oil, Earth, Books, and Holy Spirit Theological Institutions, Libraries, and the Role of Environmental Sustainability

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Anthony J. Elia


Theological libraries like Bridwell continue to benefit from both natural resources and the environment, while needing to adapt to the harshness of what nature itself brings.  A holistic vision, distilled in the particular climates, topographies, and physical geographies of Texas, for example, reflects both the concerns and hopes about the general stewardship and sustainability of natural resources in our work.  Reflecting on historical legacies will benefit our attempts to envision a better future and healthier planet. In the last few years, the focus on environmental sustainability has grown along with more critical roles in renewable energy. As theological institutions, then, it will become more pressing to evaluate both questions about what our ties are to the past, and what visions there are for the future. This paper will examine the ambiguities of environmental legacies while discussing what roles theological schools and libraries have in strategizing for coming generations.

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