Connecting with Stakeholders Creative Marketing for Small Libraries

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Karl Stutzman
Susan Ebertz
Megan West


Libraries with a small staff often lack budget and expertise to create outreach and marketing plans for their libraries, resources, and services. Yet small libraries also have unique opportunities: they can more easily adapt to a changing landscape and benefit from synergies across their various services. Karl Stutzman and Susan Ebertz, who manage small theological libraries, will share about their ongoing experiments with marketing and outreach. Special guest Megan West, Communications and Marketing Director at Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI), will share creative strategies and options for small libraries that are ready to up their marketing game. West has experience with communications and marketing in a variety of media through her work supporting the PALNI consortium. PALNI includes a number of small libraries and is working on an initiative to engage a variety of stakeholders at its supported libraries.

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