A Conversation with Maryellen Weimer

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Maryellen Weimer
Eugene V. Gallagher
Kwok Pui Lan
Thomas Pearson


The launch of the new online open access Wabash Center Journal on Teaching provides the occasion to reflect on the legacy of Teaching Theology & Religion, which our editorial team has been publishing through Wiley for 22 years ago. The editors had a conversation with Maryellen Weimer, who has known the journal well through her work on The Teaching Professor (a newsletter published by Magma that provides summaries of articles that appear in disciplinary-focused journals on teaching). Our conversation focuses on how TTR has fit within the broad range of genres and journals that constitute the scholarship of teaching, the value of articles that describe practical teaching techniques (such as our signature Teaching Tactics which will continue in the new journal), opportunities for making research on learning available to busy faculty, and the challenges authors face when contributing to this literature.

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