Cone's Consistency: Reflections from a Teaching Assistant

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Thurman Todd Willison


Beyond his academic contribution of Black Liberation Theology to the church and academy at large, James Cone should be remembered on a personal level as one who prioritized the task of teaching his students, placed the student perspective and the development of independent student voices at the center of his pedagogy, pushed his students to take classroom learning out into the world, maintained exemplary standards of consistency in his theological work and moral character, and contributed to the legacy of his home institution Union Theological Seminary in immeasurable ways. This is one of several short essays presented by recent students at a public forum at Union Theological Seminary after his death in 2018.


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"Small Teaching" Using James Lang
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Thurman Todd Willison, Union Theological Seminary

Thurman Todd Willison is a PhD candidate in Theology and Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, New York City. He is currently finishing a dissertation that examines interpretations of human dignity within personalist thought, interrogating the impact of varieties of twentieth century personalism on how human dignity came to be defined in international moral discourse, and providing a constructive account of how a viable personalist theory of dignity might be theorized in light of contemporary ethical concerns.